Holistic Mentoring & Entrepreneurship = Leadership Development & Financial Literacy

Entrepreneurial skills are valuable to students, whether they see themselves going into business or not.

Mogul Academy aims to assist students in developing the ability to think creatively and originally, solve complex problems and be resilient in the face of issues while understanding that they can learn from their mistakes.  In order to be a leader , a mogul must be able to collaborate, thrive in ambiguity and be accountable to and for others.

In today's society, where simple answers are few and far between, where change is constant, competition is fierce, and the careers of tomorrow aren’t yet known, students armed with an mogul mindset will have a distinct advantage over others who are used to simply “being average”  in school.

Ultimately, entrepreneurship is about turning ideas into reality and using those ideas to change the world.  Mogul Academy aims to prepare mentees for the complexity of the challenges facing the world today.


Fundamental learning points within our curriculum;

  • collaboration
  • critical thinking
  • creativity
  • adaptability
  • holistic personal development
  • problem solving
  • financial literacy 
  • civic engagement
  • life skill fundamentals




 View the PDF of our Fall/Winter 2018-2019 Curriculum Here