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  1. Mogul Kid Summer Program 2018
    Donated: $0.00
    Sign up now for the "90 Day Kid Mogul" Billionaire Mindset Summer Bootcamp. This is an ultra rich curriculum for youth ages 10 - 18 interested in business or ensuring they have the best life possible. For more information register now as space is VERY LIMITED. This class is a flash course in leadership, communication, relationship building, financial literacy, community engagement, political awareness and how all of that is important to being a business owner. We also break down how to start a business, brand a business and tips for Billionaire mindset success. (I think we will have a pop-up from a Billionaire or two.)
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    Donate To Our Food Initiative
    Raised: $3,000.00
    Goal: $10,000.00
    Help us ensure that our Moguls arent distracted by hunger while they are learning. Sponsor a child's meal and a snack per class
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    Donate To Our Transportation Initiative
    Raised: $1,000.00
    Goal: $10,000.00
    Help us to ensure that no Mogul is left astray due to a lack of funding and or transportation. Donate to ensure that all students that want to attend our program are able to do so.
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    Donate to Our Location Fund
    Raised: $8,005.00
    Goal: $25,000.00
    Help us to maintain a safe and open atmosphere for our youth to learn by donating to our location fund which assists with paying our monthly rent and supply costs.