Rendel Solomon

Rendel Solomon
Founder of One Stock One Future

Rendel serve as Principal for a firm that manages private equity investments for institutional (government and corporate) pension funds. ABOUT THE One Stock One Future PROGRAM Stock /stäk/ (noun): Ownership of a corporation indicated by shares, which represent a piece of the corporation’s assets and earnings. We believe a single stock combined with curriculum on financial literacy will positively impact a child’s trajectory in life. Like the logo, a child’s path in life will have its ups and downs similar to the stock market. This initiative will be the catalyst that propels them toward a future that they did not believe was possible, helping them to break outside the confines of their neighborhood, like the arrow shooting out of the “O” in the logo. Students will be exposed to basic concepts related to ownership, money management, and investing. We will help children think like owners by first turning them into owners. We will turn One Million children into public company shareholders!! One Stock One Future is specifically looking for children ages 8-18 for the program. We will teach a basic class about company stock, help them setup investment accounts with their parents or guardians, and then donate one share of stock to immediately turn them into shareholders. After launching in Chicago, we will execute the same program in cities across the country like Milwaukee, St. Louis, Detroit, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Baltimore, Atlanta, Oakland, LA, until we turn one million children into shareholders!

Location: Chicago
Degrees: Columbia Business School Class of 2005 · MBA · New York, New York , Tulane University Class of 2000 · Electrical engineering · New Orleans, Louisiana
Experience: 9 years
Hobby: Teaching Kids about Investing
Working Days: Open
Training: Muller & Monroe Asset Management Principal · January 2008 to present · Chicago, Illinois Private Equity